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Special Access

Special Access

External Client Reports

The strategic findings reports are based on analysis data collected from clients. Every report are created independent of each other. It is key in maintaining accurate data representation when working with the design of the document. 

The nature of this work is Confidential.


Online Reader


A downloadable reader launched alongside a marketing campaign. This was a global collaboration 
piece between the Digital Marketing & Operations Manager at Sydney and me for graphic design work.


Illustration Assets


A set of illustrations I designed for a one-off piece. With the positive responses from my colleagues, my illustrations was then used across various media globally, from printed materials to appearing on Unispace's website.  


Walkthrough Booklets

These booklets provide details about completed projects at Unispace. They are frequently used by the Business Development Team. I have created a template to maximise time efficiency on producing the printed booklets for each project.



I am involved in creating presentations for Unispace's Marketing Team, Strategist, Project Managers and Interior Designers. I am happy to share and provide InDesign help with the team. 

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